• Five dragonborn clans, each hailing from one of five planets within a corner of The Garden. These clans are sort of my Klingons or Space Orcs, they fight everyone not of their clan (and even occasionally those of their clan) for martial superiority. They're raiders, taking what they want because they can. Each planet has it's own dominant climate; mountainous, volcanic, arctic, verdant marsh, and terrestrial. I might want to repeat this 30-day exercise specifically to tackle these five worlds so they're not completely "Star Wars planets" (consisting of only one climate). The Drachon clans see the Union as a perfect force to test themselves against, and have no interest in a truce or peace with them.
  • Another is going to be the five worlds (desperately trying not to call them the "Pentagon Worlds" so as not to be too blatant about the inspiration for the Drachon society). These systems include barely habitable worlds, and with a society based on raiding the Drachon are going to take what they need, when they need it. I envision the worlds as resource-poor, but sacred to each clan (which is why the majority of the clans live there, instead of migrating to a more resource-rich world).

The Drachon are my klingons, they're raiders and warriors. They're also basically dragonborn from D&D, big reptile-people with draconic characteristics. Their language is deep, booming, with a lot of "back of the mouth" sounds to their names and languange.

cho   kah   hach   gra   gro   ah-huh

  • I'm now reminded of the Maori warriors of New Zealand and their war cry dance, the haka. I don't want to appropriate that for my Drachon, but maybe something like it. Regardless, I think that's a decent example of the language I envision with this race.


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