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On the rim of the Vortex galaxy lies a cluster of over five hundred stars. It is known by those who live within it as the Stellar Garden.

Many races call the Garden home, and claim the worlds and systems within it as part of their own faction, band, or empire. Unsurprisingly, these claims often bring people into direct conflict with one another. Since the beginning of recorded history, the Garden has seemingly always known of war.

The League of Allied Worlds, the largest of the space-faring empires, tries to maintain peace and order within it's borders. The Drachon Clans raid the League, independent worlds, and each other in order to prove which clan is superior. Pirates raid from the Blood Nebula, corporations push their agendas (and legal limits) in order to gain profit, and colonials strike out on their own in an attempt to find a corner of the Garden where they can set up a homestead and live their lives peacefully.

From the edge of the cluster comes word of a new threat; visitors with strange technology and stranger abilities have come to The Garden. Few have survived these encounters, and those that have are rarely left with their sanity intact. These poor souls rant and rave about "The Host" and "the Obliviex" before their screams return; screams that last until their throats are raw.


  • Anomaly is a setting where super-science is known and widely used; we have energy weapons, faster-than-light travel, power armor, robots, mecha, and huge starships. It's also got psionics; the Bathalians are powerful psychics and will prove to be a dangerous foe, but they're not the only ones. Some of the races in The Garden are psychic; albeit at a much smaller percentage of the population than those of The Host. The Host have one weapon no one else seems to have; divine magic. Their theocracy is empowered by their belief in "The Obliviex", a god that grants miracles that can only be described as "magic". Blessings and miraculous healing are but two of the ways these powers manifest, but there are others. Finally, there are rumors that someone saw a guy on Danal shooting lighting from his hands and flew around without any sort of apparent jet pack; but that's just crazy talk…
  • Science

    • FTL travel via jump gates and jump drives
    • Ku'jai Excrement from Danal can be used as a booster to Jump Drives, enabling smaller ships to jump without the need for a gate
    • Clunky mecha (More Battletech, less Gundam)

      • Power Armor – Enhanced suits of armor
      • TAGs (Tactical Assault Gears) – 3-5m tall combat mechs that carry anti-vehicle weapons, but still small enough for tactical operations
      • Combat Mechs - large walking vehicles with weapons capable of leveling buildings and starships (or each other)
    • Some energy weapons, but ballistic weapons most common
    • Arcologies are the norm, rather than urban sprawl
  • Psionics

    • Telepathy, empathy, bio-manipulation, psychic weapons, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and possibly some high-end powers that allow for manipulation of space-time (i.e. teleportation)
  • Magic

    • Initially, divine magic only as granted by the Dark One to the Bathal
    • Actually is magic in the setting, but only accessed by a select few
    • Some sort of council of wizardry like in Harry Potter or (more accurately) the Dresden Files books to police magic use and keep it under wraps
    • Leads to plotlines about "what is magic?", "where does it come from?" and "why can the Bathal use it openly?"

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